Who Are We?

Based in Los Angeles, we are a nationwide staffing company that specializes in recruiting and delivering top-notch staff for every type of experiential marketing program. We staff tours, events, street teams, trade shows, in-store demos, liquor promos and more! Offering a wide variety of brand ambassadors, promo models and market managers, we have thousands of staff in our database nationwide!

We operate in every major US market and have vast capabilities. Whether you need one person for one day in one city or dozens of reps in several markets over a few weeks or months we can accommodate, deliver and execute!


But Why?

Over the years, we have seen numerous promos. Some are amazing, exciting and full of life. Some are simply terrible. One of the key factors determining the overall quality of the program is how the staff engages consumers and makes their impression. I’ve seen huge, elaborate (and expensive) set ups, complete with impressive graphics, booths, kiosks and lounges. But many times, despite the huge effort and money poured into the event, I couldn’t help but notice how unimpressive the staff was: Standing around, not engaging patrons, unenthusiastic about the brand and offering little or no info on the product, good or service.

So I asked myself, why don’t I start supplying quality staff for these promos? I started here in L.A. where I knew 100s of experiential marketing disciples like myself. I also knew several small agencies that would use my services.

And so it began… it wasn’t easy, but definitely rewarding! I have worked very hard to get where I am today having built my company to be a nationwide agency with talent in almost every state. I have gone from staffing local, one-day events to representing several major “Promo 100″ clients.

What Makes Us Better?

Well, for one, we’re smaller, and have much less overhead, so we can afford to offer our clients lower rates for similar if not better services.

Secondly, we are all experiential warriors here. We have hundreds of marketing events and tours under our belts and have maintained personal relationships with much of our staff. So when our talent is hired on a job, they are not only representing our clients, their brands and Devolution, they are representing ME, somebody they know and like. A human, not just a business. They care about our reputation and I trust that they wouldn’t ever compromise it.

And lastly, we are much more personal and hands on in our recruiting for jobs. As opposed to sending out massive emails to staff we barely know, we tend to make personal phone calls and emails to our best people whenever possible, further strengthening the bond between agency and talent. In addition to paying fairly for our promo reps, we always pay them on time and are upfront about payment schedules which is very important in securing faithful staff. The better our relationship with the staff, the better their performance, and the more successful our clients’ promos will be!

- Devon Lippman, Founder