EVENT CONFIRMATION - If you receive a job offer and you would like to accept the job it is important that you reply quickly because jobs are filled on a first come first serve basis.

EVENT DETAILS – Check answering machines and email regularly after you have been confirmed for a job because start times and event details can change.

EVENT LENGTH - Events usually run 6 – 8 hours, but sometimes they run longer than expected so be prepared to stay until the event has finished. Do not leave the event until you have been released by the client.

EARLY ARRIVAL- It is better to arrive early, this will give you time to meet the client and will ensure you are ready to start working at the scheduled start time

ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU GET CHECKED IN - It is possible to arrive early yet be recorded as late if you are not checked in. Always make sure you find the client and ensure they are aware you have arrived and are ready to work.

DURING THE EVENT - Be considerate to everyone. As a representative of Devolution Solutions and our client you are expected to be friendly, outgoing, and professional at all times, before, after and during an event. The client and customers are always watching and what you do reflects on the client and Devolution Solutions. If a client likes you they will tell us and will want to work with you again. If you cause any trouble or are unprofessional in any way they will tell us and we will not be able to offer you future employment opportunities. Your good name can go a long way.

CELL PHONE - If you have a cell phone or pager please turn it off or to silent and ask the client if you will be allowed to carry it while working.

PROBLEMS DURING EVENT - If a discrepancy or problem arises while working at an event employees are required to contact Devolution Solutions and not pursue an argument with the client or customers directly.

END OF EVENT / LEAVING EVENT Employees are required to be released by the client at the end of an event. If an employee wishes to leave early for any reason the employee must speak with the client and or Devolution Solutions.

CANNOT ATTEND SCHEDULED SHIFT - If you cannot attend your scheduled shift because of illness or events that are out of your control, you must contact your Account Manager immediately so that we can attempt to fill your shift with another staff member.

NEVER TALK MONEY - Never talk money with any of the other staff you are working with, it is not professional and if you are being paid more or less than another staff member there is a reason such as more or less responsibilities at the event and or different agency rates.

ALWAYS KEEP A MAP HANDY - Always keep a map handy, if you are even the least bit unsure of where you are traveling for an event, grab a local map to prevent any surprises.

NEVER “NO-SHOW” FOR AN EVENT - Never “no-show” for an event, not showing up can cost you, Devolution Solutions, and the client and will not be tolerated. When you have committed to an event you are expected to be there, regardless of traffic, bad weather or minor illnesses. Short of a major, serious medical emergency you are always expected to show up on time and ready to go.

ARRIVE PREPARED- If you are traveling to an event in a major city, assume there will be lots of traffic and a lack of parking. If bad weather, give yourself extra time. Bring a map to avoid getting lost. Treat each event like a job interview. You know how unprofessional it looks to show up late to an interview, or to rush in at the last minute huffing, puffing and sweating. Don’t do it for event work either. Give yourself at least 20 – 30 minutes before you need to be there so you can check your appearance in the bathroom, psyche yourself up and calmly walk onto the event. Never let them see you sweat.

NEVER ACCEPT ADDITIONAL WORK FROM A CLIENT - While working an event do not accept any additional work directly from that client, always refer the client back to Devolution Solutions.

NEVER ALTER YOUR PICTURES - Never alter your look from your digital pictures. Your Account Managers will be presenting your pictures to potential clients. If you show up with your hair cut much shorter, a different color, or with a tattoo where there was none before, this will not be tolerated. Never make any major changes to your look while booked on a job without approval from your Account Manager.

ALWAYS DRESS AS REQUESTED - Always dress as requested by your Account Manager for the event as requested by the client. Never wear clothing with large visible logos, stripes, bold patterns or bright colors unless specified to do so because the client may require you to blend in with their existing staff, we recommend earth tones and neutral colors. Keep jewelry to an absolute minimum. Black shoes with a 1-2 inch heel are fine. No clunky 4 inch stacked heels. Makeup should be understated and natural looking.

KEEP YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION UP TO DATE - Always keep your numbers and address updated with your Account Manager. Update all numbers, including work, pager and cell phone numbers the minute they change. Nothing is more frustrating for a booker than to not be able to reach a model you want to book.

ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE CLIENT - Always listen to the client’s instructions, you may not necessarily agree, or you may think the outfit is hideous, but you are being paid to make it look great. Remember, the client is paying for you to do the job the way he or she wants. Short of something unsafe, you should always follow the client’s instructions.

PREPARE THE NIGHT BEFORE- You should have a solid understanding of all the details for the event. Get plenty of rest the night before so it’s one less thing to have to remember the day of the job. Look at a map or Mapquest.com to know your driving route.

DON’T BE LATE - It is better to refuse work before you are booked than to accept the work and be late. If you are late it will result in being dropped from an agency.