Devolution Solutions strives to supply our clients with top-notch event staff. Our principle function is to accommodate our patrons with the highest quality promotional models and brand ambassadors. We give our clients the ability to concentrate on their event execution and not the burden of finding reliable event staff. We aim to simplify the entire staffing process for our clients in their experiential marketing endeavors. Our company is founded on the principle of exceptional service powered by experienced, professional staffers. We create and sustain solid, long-term relationships and rely on open and direct communication in order to succeed.

Experiential Marketing

First and foremost, we LOVE experiential marketing! The integration of live events, branded environments and interactive media gets us excited! We have witnessed the power of successful experiential marketing programs and take great measures to ensure that the brand experiences live up to the brand promises. It all starts with the connection. Devolution Solutions exists to make that personal connection with the consumer; to give them the opportunity to experience what it is that the brand… IS

Beyond a face and a flyer, more than a smile and a sample, we seek to inform as well as excite our targets by building the interaction to a higher level; one that lasts in their mind, influences their purchases and gives rebirth to how they see the brand. Experiential marketing can illuminate what a brand’s values are, what it stands for and how it relates to their valuable consumers. It’s more than simply “putting the brand out there,” it’s implementing brand experiences that become part of the consumers’ life experiences. And we will be there to make that happen. Set to connect, armed with a message and a mission, ready to seek out an open ear and an open mind, we will deliver that experience both genuinely and flawlessly.