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Travis Barker


Summer 2004 - Winter 2005


  • Provide client with thousands of wheat pasted posters and stencils throughout Southern California.
  • The markets included: Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego&Orange County.



  • Place posters and stencils in high-traffic areas that are both noticeable and attention-getting.

Program Elements:

  • Every week for over 18 months, pre-approved locations were requested by client.
  • Devolution Solutions was to execute the postering&Stenciling 2-3 nights a week.
  • Provide client with documented lists and photos of locations.


  • Thousands of posters and stencils were delivered.
  • A major boost of “street cred” was gained by the clothing line.
  • A huge boost in sales was reported within weeks of the program start.