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Marketing Firm:

Elite Marketing Group




  • Provide client with promotional models for week-long street promo.


  • All promotional models had to be: out-going, professional and attractive.
  • All promotional models had to be local to San Diego market.
  • All promotional models had to be pre-approved by the firm and the client.


  • Devolution Solutions was given 3 days to find, recruit&hire talent, and get them pre-approved.

Program Elements:

  • Hire 5 attractive and outgoing ladies for the high-traffic promotion.
  • Engage people on the street and distribute information and coupons.
  • Encourage peopel to go to Puma’s store as well as their brand event that week.
  • Remain enthusiastic and energetic for entire shift.


  • Thousands of impressions.
  • Huge attendance for Puma’s Comic-Con Late-Night Event.